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Spring Summer Collection

Spring is here!

Light and warmth has returned with the changing of the seasons, and so we have a whole new collection of colorways to celebrate these seasons of growing, blooming, and basking.
We will be offering 5 colorways for the next two seasons. We are currently working on another Collection Release of the new colorways for the end of May.

Sage Green

A luscious soft green with undertones of blue has long been a color we have wanted in our collection. Quiet, calm, and soft, Sage Green is the green of our dreams!


An understated pairing of neutrals, Cashmere has all the coziness and timeless style of it's namesake. It's a colorway to curl up into.

The first release of Cashmere will be coming at the end of May, with another release of small mugs coming in June.


Seashell. The palest pink that decided firmly that it needed to be in our Springtime lineup. We attempted more than once to make last year's Magnolia, but every time we opened the kiln, Seashell was waiting patiently for us in all its delicate cherry blossom glory. And we've come to love this palest of pinks!

The first release of the large Seashell mugs already happened, but small mugs will be arriving in June.

Golden Hour

Golden Hour is back! Sunshine in a cup 🌞 It's the return of light and warmth as the days lengthen, it's long afternoons, picnics, play and nostalgia all in one joyous color.